Northern History (Journal)

Northern History

Northern History was the first regional historical journal. Produced since 1966 under the auspices of the School of History, University of Leeds, its purpose is to publish scholarly work on the history of the seven historic Northern counties of England: Cheshire, Cumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland, Westmorland and Yorkshire. Since it was launched it has always been a refereed journal, attracting articles on Northern subjects from historians in many parts of the world.

It aims to stimulate and encourage serious research, professional and amateur alike, on the history of all parts of the North, including the Borders, from Roman times to the twentieth century. Archaeological reports are not accepted, but papers which use archaeological evidence and articles based on all kinds of historical sources and methods of research are welcome.

The journal includes articles on topics treated regionally, and on the history of particular localities set in a wider context; it seeks to publish contributions which examine historical topics in different parts of the North, or which draw comparisons between different areas and explain the historical distinctiveness of particular districts. Northern History also includes papers which discuss general Northern subjects or which compare the history of the North with that of other parts of the country, or discuss Northern connections with the wider world.

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